Everyone is Watching

video-phone.jpgSeth Godin has linked to a set of videos taken of teachers by students using phones. He sees them as a challenge to market education properly. There are a lot of things to be concerned about when you watch them. Be advised there is some strong (whatever that means) language on them.

The reaction I had was more to do with people who pretend they are something they’re not. I’ve talked about this before in regards to heroes needing to be heroic all of the time, even when people aren’t watching. The increasing ability of technology to allow anyone to secretly record video should be scary to those living double or triple lives.

More than ever you need to be genuine – to have integrity. If you’re claiming to be caring, responsible, honest and respectful and act otherwise some of the time, beware the phone-carrying critic. Your lies or your tantrums could be shown to a worldwide audience.

But it all goes back to integrity. If you’re honest to yourself and to those around you you’re safe.

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One Response to Everyone is Watching

  1. Josh Best March 7, 2008 at 8:05 am #

    After watching these videos, I found myself torn. Coming from a background of working with kids, I can relate to being completely at my wits end with some of the students I have worked with. I feel that we are seeing a lot of that in these teachers reacting to their students. I am thinking mostly of the older female teacher that took the magazine from one student, to which she replied that she did not have to deal with that and that she would go into the teachers purse and get her money back.

    I do believe that these teachers need some training in better ways to handle these types of situations, because they are going to happen a lot more often. The more we have generations of parents having kids and not being present in their lives, the more we are going to see behaviors like those exhibited in these videos.

    As for the idea of cell phone cameras being a problem, or a blessing. I think that it is a good thing that these teachers and classrooms were caught on tape, because it provides a valuable training opportunity that my not otherwise have been exposed.

    I agree that integrity plays a large role in who we are, and that is important to be that person even when “the cameras are not rolling.” That, unfortunately, is a lesson that both the students and teachers in these videos need to learn.