A Hero Workshop Testimonial

This month and the last have been focused on Hero Workshops in the Flint School District.  I’ve met some great kids and staff.  Last week one of the girls said her principal was her hero because one morning when her dad had been drinking too much and couldn’t get up, her principal came to pick her up and take her to breakfast.  There’s a lot of great stories happening in Flint.

One of the teachers sent me the following paragraph as a testimonial and I wanted to share because he said it better than I can.  In addition, he said that the Hero Awards are being used a lot and “are even beginning to leak out to the rest of the building.”

“The Hero Workshop was exactly what our classroom needed.  The program brought my class together in a way that they had previously resisted.  Matt helped my students to think about the reasons heroes are heroes.  It’s not super speed or the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound; real life heroes do good things for other people everyday.  For that reason, my students are starting to think of themselves as heroes and looking for opportunities to be heroic.  The entire presentation was organized in a way to keep students engaged physically and mentally so that learners of every type benefited.  I would recommend this program to any classroom and especially to those that are looking for ways to build classroom atmosphere.”

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