A Hero’s Journey: Steven Garelik

The hits just keep on coming.  Thanks again to everyone who has submitted a journey.  Feel free to make comments on each too.  I know there must be questions or comments.

The Mundane World: Since the age of 10 I have been a type one diabetic and have gone to Camp MIDICHA. the second summer that I was a camper, the camp moved to Camp Copneconic. After numerous summers it was time to become a CIT. Before that summer I took a lifeguarding class in my junior year of high school.

The Call To Adventure: After searching through the grapevine of higher ups at camp I was introduced to the waterfront director who allowed me to help guard during the free swim for my cabin. The next year I became a full counselor for MIDICHA and after many conversations with Matt it was agreed that I would once again help lifeguard during free swim.

Crossing The Threshold: While helping guard I was approached by Matt and asked to guard all day. This really had an impact on me, that I was trusted with this great responsibility by someone who didn’t know that much about me.

The Path of Trials: This past spring while at school, I received a call from my mom that Matt from Camp Copneconic called looking for me (while at the same time I was looking to get a job as a lifeguard at a swim club near my house). After hearing from my mom, I called Matt back to find out what he wanted from me. Deciding to keep looking for a job from the local swim clubs or going to work at camp was tough.

Master of Two Worlds: In the end I believe that I made the right decision, working at camp made me both look at myself differently but it also made me proud to work with the different people from both this country and several countries from around the world. It seems like the job of the camp counselor is one of the best opportunities I have ever had, it was made worth it by the smiles on the hundreds of campers Copneconic accepted all summer.

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