Blog Action Day – Heroes Needed to Fight Poverty

Over ten thousand blogs are featuring posts on poverty today as part of Blog Action Day.  Here’s my effort.

People living in poverty need heroes.  They don’t need handouts or pity.  They need someone to teach them to fish, as the proverb goes.  Thankfully there are many people taking risks, donating their time, and giving their money to help teach people to fish.  Here are some examples.

My friend, Ruhee, introduced me to the Honey Project this summer.  It is a program for young people in America to help develop their entrepreneurial skills while they help honey farmers escape poverty in Africa.  This kind of activity is truly wonderful to see.

Another group that I’ve written about before is Kiva.  They’re the most famous of a number of micro-lenders that allow people living in prosperity to financially help those in poverty be successful in running their own businesses.

To reach self-sufficiency people need education.  People such as Greg Mortenson are building schools in areas that are both dangerous and deeply impoverished.

People are acting heroically around the world to focus on poverty.  Individuals have power – they just need to act.  What can you do personally to help reduce world poverty?  It may seem hopeless, but it truly is not.  Look around, you’ll see answers.


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