Brad Meltzer Knows the Power of Heroes

This week saw the publication of the book, “Heroes For My Son” after eight years of work by Brad Meltzer.  In his introduction, Meltzer says, “But to be clear, this is not a book about fame.”  This is a book about action.  I am insanely jealous that I didn’t think of it myself.  I urge you to buy this book.

From an interview at ComicsAlliance:

I could give you seven novels, or whatever else I’ve worked on and say, “read it and then tell me what you know about me,” and I think you’d get bits and pieces of me. But you read this book, and this is it. This is my entire approach to life.

This fits perfectly with the theory behind the Hero Interviews found here.  ‘Show me the man you honour, and I will know what kind of man you are.’ – Thomas Carlyle

I didn’t want this book to be just about great people; I wanted it to be about the moment that makes them great.

You can see Meltzer talking about his book below.  Go buy it.

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