Building a Well

I like my charities to be led by heroes.  Four years ago Scott Harrison created Charity:Water, in part to reinvent the way charities worked.  He caught on quickly that people want to know their money is going to the cause rather than to the payroll or staff bonuses.  My work in a non-profit for twelve years led me to wish for the same thing.  I felt deceitful asking people to donate money to send kids to camp when I knew how much money was spent elsewhere.  So now, when my business, The Janus Center, donates money at the end of each year, I look for heroes.  This year’s charity will be Charity:Water.

You can read about Scott Harrison over at the Hero Handbook where I’ve just profiled him as part of Blog Action Day 2010.

By the end of the year, my business and family (and friends hopefully) will be donating $5,000 to build a well through Charity:Water.  Over a billion people in the world are lacking access to clean water.  For one village, we’re going to help change that.

To help us reach that goal, we’ve set up the Heroes for Water page.  You can see the page by clicking here.  Please consider donating anything you can to help.  Watch the video below if you need some inspiration.

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