Catching Fire

The Just A Hippie Gypsy blog has a great post as part of the Sunday Scribblings “hero” topic. It talks about being “on fire” after a quote from the autistic basketball player who recently made news with a 20 point barrage at the end of a game. He said the shooting was a result of being “on fire.”

Inside each of us resides a hero. I don’t think we are programmed to think this way. That we feel it is boasting or unbecoming to feel that we have characteristics that certainly qualify us as hero‘s. Each day we overcome our own personal circumstances, and act in certain ways that are definitely in accordance with those parameters that surround the idea of hero or heroic.

What a great term for the Call to Adventure. There is a certain point in your life (journey) that you catch fire and the hero inside is released.

We all catch fire when we are called upon to step up and operate outside our comfort zone. Then just as quickly, we slide back inside that familiar place called ourselves.

Catching fire while on a hero’s journey sends the hero into the meat of the journey, the Path of Trials. As we know, after that the hero does indeed “slide back” into the Mundane World, but is forever changed. They are now the Master of Two Worlds.

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