CNN Heroes on Thanksgiving Night – The Pre-Show

Tonight was the third annual CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute hosted by Anderson Cooper.  While the winner was announced earlier in the week, this show is regularly a parade of amazing, ordinary people.  The focus is on Real Action Heroes – those people who have seen a need and taken action.

Larry King presented an introduction to the show with a series of questions delivered to various celebrities.  Matthew McConaughey presented family members as his heroes, as do many of the participants in the Hero Construction Company presentations.  He said fictional heroes are fine if you can pull something in from their character or story.  He thinks circumstances are key to heroism – they’re not born.

Tyra Banks suggested that we look at our hero’s path so we can copy it and make it our own.  She also reminded us that heroes are human – not perfect.

Shakira listed her heroes as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth II, and educators in Third World countries.  She thinks education to every child should be our goal – it’s the perfect strategy to eradicate poverty.  She said a hero is someone who never gives up the fight, believes in something and defends it.  They must be brave and speak for those without a voice.  She thought each one of us has a hero inside – we just need to let it out so it can manifest itself.

George Lopez said a hero is someone who takes time for someone else – his was a teacher in high school.  He thinks heroes aren’t deliberately acting to be a hero.

Larry King inexplicably kept bringing up baseball players in his various interviews.  I hope he was using them as contrasts, rather than examples.

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