Doing More Good

Zoe Weil writes about her philosophy of MOGO, or doing MOre GOod. She is the President of the Institute of Humane Education which aims to make living ethically, sustainably, and peaceably on this planet the very purpose of education.

A recent blog post talked about the courage in living the MOGO way. “Fear may inhibit many of us from making MOGO choices. We may fear we won’t have enough if we’re too generous. We may fear ostracism if we make choices that depart from the mainstream. We may fear inconvenience.”

Fear of being different or missing out on something in life also affects those who have taken up the heroic habit.  Heroes often stand out from the crowd and that can be difficult.  Heroes also sacrifice by their nature and that will mean experiences will occasionally pass by.  Ultimately the reward of a heroic life repays those inconveniences.  Ask your hero.

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