Everyday Heroes for the End of the Week

Earlier in the week Michael Williams swam for twelve hours to get help for his crewmates whose boat had sunk.  Williams chose to take off from the flotsam the other men were clinging to because he was sure no-one would find them otherwise.  His marathon swim saved the life of John Jarrett.

Eric Fullerton jumped an Arby’s counter to wrestle off a man who was holding a gun on a clerk.  Fullerton’s neck was cut by the man and he was later shot at by police who thought he was the bad guy.

Knife injuries were also the reward for an anonymous man who rescued a woman who was being held up at an ATM in Melbourne.

None of these people had to take action, but action is what makes heroes.  The difference between heroes-in-waiting and the average person is that choice of action.  When you’re faced with a situation that needs heroism, will you choose action or inaction?

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