Feeling Right

Gretchen Rubin has posted about the elements of happiness – feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right. Her blog is called the Happiness Project – it’s part of a study of happiness.

And apart from feeling more “good” and feeling less “bad,” I also need to thing about feeing right. That’s the feeling that I’m living the life I’m supposed to lead.

This feeling of “rightness” can come from following the right path, or as Joseph Campbell put it, following your bliss. When you come to the point in your life where what you’re doing is what you’ve always wanted to do, you will feel right. Part of the hero’s journey is discovering what your story is and immersing yourself in it.

Being a hero will lead to this “rightness” too. As a hero you give of yourself, are true to yourself, and have a self-awareness that brings happiness – true satisfaction with your life.


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