Fill in the Hero

Joan Dickinson has an article in the Bradenton Herald about being your own hero.  She suggests taking an personal inventory to discover the hero that you are and can be.  I’m posting her Fill In The Hero exercise below, but read her article for the great introduction.

You’ll need two blank sheets of paper, the bigger the better, and a pen or pencil.

On the first page, draw a simple outline of a person. Make your person large; use the whole page so you’ll have room to write inside it. Now that empty space in the middle represents you, your full hero potential. Set this page aside for a minute.

On your second sheet of paper make two columns: ME NOW (Current Roles, Talents and Traits) and MY HERO (Future Roles, Talents, Traits). The first column is for roles you play in your life now, for example: friend, parent, healer, teacher, or lover. Also list the talents you currently have, such as cooking, gardening, humorist, or efficiency expert. Then add your personal traits, such as integrity, kindness, open-mindedness, hard worker. Now in the second column add the roles, talents and traits you’d like to have to be your best self, your own hero. Perhaps you’d like to be a world traveler, an astronomer, weather expert, scuba diver or master chef. Or perhaps you’d like to develop more of a fun-loving, playful nature, be understanding and not so angry.

Fill in the hero. Write all the roles, talents and traits from both your columns in the empty space. This is your best you, the one you want to shine forth.

Look at the empty space; this is you, too. Even if you wrote in small letters, there is empty space. We are more than our labels. This space represents all we can still become. This space is the field of the unknown, our untapped potential. Consequently, to be your own hero means to be open to new ways of being and doing. We can have fun discovering new aspects of ourselves.

Make one new goal for yourself. Smile. Like yourself.

The time is now. Enjoy being your own champion, your best hero.

Joan also has a website for her lifestyle coaching

2 Responses to Fill in the Hero

  1. Joan Dickinson January 19, 2007 at 1:49 pm #

    Thanks for posting my January 13, Take Personal Inventory and Be Your Own Hero column. I love to share my ideas, so feel free to use them, and I appreciate receiving credit. My Life Coach column appears every other Saturday in the Bradenton Herald. The next article is about creating your best reality. Matt, I just stumbled on your web site. I’d like to hear more about your work.

  2. Matt Langdon January 19, 2007 at 2:57 pm #

    Thanks Joan. I’ve just sent you an email to give you an overview of what I’m doing in this corner of the world.