Four Years In…

Today was the fourth anniversary of the start of my journey into self-employment.  This last month has been the best of the forty-eight so far.  I absolutely love the schools that I’m working with.  I’m enjoying writing again and kids make me laugh and think like no other.  This post is mainly to announce the beginning of a new project – launched today on the anniversary – but I figured I’d point out how much fun I’m having as well.

The new project is called The Hero Handbook.  After four years of thinking on heroism, I’ve decided I’m ready to take it to an adult audience.  The site is for anyone wanting to live a heroic life.  I’ll be discussing theories of heroism as well as applications.  There will be homework.

If you’ve been following this blog for four years or four days (hi IttyBiz people), I thank you.  And I think you should head over to see if The Hero Handbook is for you.  (I think it is)

Without further ado, click your mouse button (or touchpad) here.

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