Getting it Wrong

The misuse of the word hero is a real concern of mine. I see it in the media being sprayed around like it’s a license to get readers or viewers. Mainly it’s a way to sell stories about professional athletes, but sometimes it is applied to someone who has not done something heroic. These people have been victims of circumstance. I wrote about the victims of 9/11 being called heroes earlier and today I read an article calling someone who was at Pearl Harbor a hero. Just for being there.

Buddy Moorehouse has described an anonymous man as a hero for simply being at Pearl Harbor during the attack by the Japanese. He says people “would love to read about a sailor who was at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. They’d love to read about a genuine hero.” His subject doesn’t think so. He says he’s no-one special. Moorehouse continues regardless, “we have a hero among us. A man who survived Pearl Harbor.”  Surviving something makes you a survivor, not a hero.  Let’s get this right.


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