Hero of the Emergency Exit

I’ve sat in the emergency row of an aeroplane a number of times and every time I’ve thought about the conditions that would exist for me to be called to do something.  I’ve also looked at the people sitting in the emergency row when I wasn’t, wondering if they were really up to saving people’s lives or whether they were just after the extra legroom.

A plane crash landed in Phuket, Thailand on Sunday and Peter James Hill was sitting in the emergency row – seat 24A.  He must have felt a strong urge to open the escape door and run as fast as he could, but he didn’t do it.  He stayed and helped the other three people in his row out before escaping the flaming plane himself.  He would not have been blamed had he saved himself, but heroes exceed society’s expectations.  In true hero fashion, Hill doesn’t “want any fuss” and has refused interviews.

What would you do if your plane crashed and was on fire?  Is it possible to answer this question?  Thinking about others can be developed as habit.  Think about it.

One Response to Hero of the Emergency Exit

  1. Erik September 20, 2007 at 12:15 am #

    I actually just had this thought running through my head just last week. I bought a plane ticket to see lin and when I came to the part to pick seats it was not an easy selection. I choose out of the exit aisle not to avoid the responsibility but because I know I will sleep on this flight, the legroom is nice but how can you sleep in a the position that could mean life or death for those around you?