Hero or Zombie

I’ve just found a great blog investigating heroic behaviour. It’s called Heroes, Not Zombies. As in, become a hero, don’t be a zombie. Heroes do something, zombies go through life (so to speak) without thinking.

The latest post is about the definition of a hero with special attention to a recent exhibition in the National Library of France. It says many good things about the hero throughout time and ends with a wonderful paragraph that fits in nicely with the Hero Workshop philosophy.

We are all heroes. We are all the main characters of our life stories. We are all unique and whether or not we are ever called to commit a “heroic” act in the sense described in this exhibition, we become who we are through our responses to the situations we find ourselves in. We can grow by the characters we develop from the stands we take in adversity. That’s why one of the best possible outcomes from an illness is a growth, a development of self and of character.

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