Hero Saves Family From Fire

fire_07.jpgThat’s a headline you expect to see about heroes. The most common idea of a spur of the moment hero is one who rescues someone from a blazing fire. It’s a spectacular act.

A man in Ohio didn’t quite run into the inferno and pull a family out, but he stopped his car and bashed on the door until he woke up a mother and her two children. He helped them out and gave his flannel shirt to the younger child, then left.

He certainly has shown heroic traits. Selflessness, humility, caring…

My favourite, irrelevant, part of the story is the comment from the man of the house who was out at the time. Addressing the mystery man, he said (I’m quoting from memory from CNN), “I guess I owe you a beer. Two. A twelve-pack. And I’m talking the good stuff. Heineken. Just get in touch with me and I’ll get it for you.”

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