Heroes In Action

Michael sent me this story and I had to share.

We had a really bad snowstorm that gave us a white Christmas this year here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On Christmas Day the road conditions were terrible and everyone was trying to get to their families to spend the holiday with their loved ones. But I find myself thankful for it, because I have never seen people come together in such a way. People rushing and often already late wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to stop what they were doing and help keep someone from being stranded on the roads in the holiday. Even nearby sledders taking full advantage of the weather with their friends and family would come speeding down hills to help strangers. What may have been a terrible turn of events actually resulted in one of the most uplifting holidays I’ve ever had. Just thought I would share.

It’s this kind of thing that makes me confident heroism is alive and well.  Real Action Heroes take action for the good of others regardless of the risk or sacrifice.  Michael shows us people doing all of that.

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