Heroism is Contagious

Seth Godin has posted about how contagious behaviour is.  He specifically mentions celebrating your heroes, so obviously got my attention.  He says the most important thing is to choose who you’re hanging out with.  Bravo.  The people you surround yourself with have an amazing influence on what you do.  When they’re aiming high, you have no option but to aim high too.  Hang with heroes and you won’t be able to help yourself – you’ll be heroic too.


  1. An Interview With Megan Felt « The Hero Workshop - October 11, 2007

    […] Posted by Matt Langdon on October 11th, 2007 Megan Felt is one of the creators of Life in a Jar, the play that brought attention to the acts of Irena Sendlerowa during World War II. She still performs in the play eight years later. She was recently instrumental in the opening of The Lowell Milken Center that urges students and teachers to create multicultural awareness projects of their own. You can read much more at the Irena Sendler Project website. As everyone involved in the project waits to hear whether Irena wins the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow, I was able to ask Megan a few questions.  I think you’ll see that heroism is contagious. […]