Hero’s Journey: Jamie Hammond

Here’s a response to my last cry for help. I met Jamie in London in February of 2005 and have seem much of his journey.

Name: Jamie the Great

Origin: Essex, England!

Mundane World: Ok, my hero’s journey started wayyy back in 2005. Let me tell you the whole story, using a previous blog entry. (Sorry Matt, i’d love to fill out the whole form!)

Everyone knows that its the big things that really shape the world. Thats the stuff that people remember. But have you ever thought about the chain of events that set off the big event? The small things that work together to make the world what it is today?

I have an example for you.

You guys might know that i plan on going to live and work in America, sometime in march 2006 (and if you didn’t, suprise!). Now this is not a random thing, there is a huge chain of events that has lead up to me going out there. It goes all the way back to when i was about 9 or 10….. Lets take that trip shall we?

Ok, i’m going out to America because my parents bought me the Sega Megadrive (or the Sega Genesis for you Yanks) when i was about 9 or 10, it was my Christmas present. Seems completely unrelated huh? But it’s true.

Me getting the Megadrive set off a love affair with videogames (yeah i know, i’m a dork. Thats why I enjoyed the video games rock opera kessel took me to see) which continued over the years, going through the Nintendo 64, my next console, untill i was about 15 or so. Thats when i bought the Nintendo Gamecube. And packaged with the Gamecube came Tony Hawks pro skater.

Guess what inspired me and Daz to start skating?!

This has led to a much better life for me than I think I would have had, had I not started skating. It has allowed me to meet a huge number of cool people. People like Brad….

I met Brad when it was the day of the Chelmsford skate competition. It was the first year I wasn’t on holiday so I wanted to enter! Turns out the comp was a bit of a bust, I didn’t place or anything, but I did get talking to this one guy, Brad, who was about 21 at the time, and he had just got back from this trip to America, where he worked on a summer camp. He said how much fun it was and to be honest, I’ve always wanted to go to America, and I love kids, so this seemed like the perfect thing to do!

So I applied to Camp America, and chose the camp “Camp Copneconic”, in Fenton, Michigan. And I have to say, I had the summer of my life. Honestly this was so much fun. I don’t even have words to describe this experience. Anyone with a slight interest in kids should try it. You’ll love it.

On camp I met a girl. Her name is Katie, and I have to say, I think we hit it off quite well…. lol.

So back to the present day, and Katie is coming over here for new years, and I plan on going back to Michigan in March, to work out there for 18 months.

Hey, thank god for the little things huh?

Call To Adventure: My call to adventure was my friend Brad. He really convinced me to try Camp America.

Crossing The Threshold: There are so many things that could fit here. But I guess that simply going through the departure gates, saying goodbye to my parents who I wouldn’t see for months would be the real point of no return.

Path of Trials: My path of trials would have to be learning not only how to manage and control a cabin of kids, but also how to control both my lives.

Master of Two Worlds: Well, now I’m back in England, and I’m not having a great time. Yes, I am a master of both my worlds, but they are also the master of me. I have two completely different lives going on and it is very hard to keep them both going. I love both of them, and all the people in them, so I do consider myself more lucky than all the people I know in England who are stuck in the same old same old routine.

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  1. Katie December 31, 2006 at 2:18 am #

    I wanted to share that this last summer one of Jamie’s campers from his first summer was back wearing a skateboard shirt and sporting wide brown skater shoes. Why did he pick up skateboarding? Jamie. From Brad to Jamie to countless campers. Heroes all down the line.