Hollywood Helps Explain Heroism – Part One

BrosnanI’ve seen a lot this weekend that made me want to blog.  So much, in fact, I’ve made it two posts.  You’re amazed, right?

The first post comes courtesy of Sam Raimi and Pierce Brosnan.

Sam Raimi is interviewed by Vanity Fair relating to his return to horror/comedy with his new movie, “Drag Me To Hell”.  One of the questions brings up his memory of a camp counselor.

I try to be the best person I can in this world. When I’m at my best, I’m following a role model I set for myself as a kid. He was a summer camp counselor, and he was somebody who was very fair and just and funny. He and everybody else at the camp really tried to do things in an honorable way, and I was effected dramatically by that. If I’m ever confused about the best course of action, I’ll just think, “What would so-and-so have done?” It really clarifies things.

There’s really very little for me to add to this.  I just need to get Sam to come to all of my Hero Workshops to share this story.  It’s no coincidence that the Spiderman trilogy was directed brilliantly by this man.

Pierce Brosnan apparently saved Uma Thurman’s life last week.  I’m not sure that’s the complete truth, but it’s beside the point for this post.  According to this article he “spotted the out-of-control vehicle speeding down a hill straight towards his blonde co-star.  A source said: “No one was aboard the runaway van as it barrelled towards a grassy area where Uma was relaxing with cast and crew.  “Pierce yelled, ‘Get out of the way!’  “He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver’s side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes.”

This sounded like Heroic Imagination to me.  Pierce Brosnan has spent a lot of time pretending to be the hero in numerous Bond films and other action movies.  It makes sense that he would be the one to jump into the runaway minivan instinctively.  This is the Heroic Imagination in action.  Someone who has thought about and practiced the heroic action was ready and able to do it when the opportunity arose.

Now, you may not have the option to star in Hollywood action movies, but you can imagine yourself in situations like that.  What would you have done if you saw this happening?  I read someone reporting on Twitter that a car had run over a woman in San Diego today.  What would you do if you saw that happen?  What would you do if you heard someone bullying a stranger?

Now that Pierce and Sam have given us their lessons, I’ll move onto Pixar and Australia tomorrow.

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