Honour in Sports

From the lower leagues of English soccer, we see a story of athletes doing the right thing, despite a risk or sacrifice.  That is the essence of heroism.

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Here is a rundown of what happened.

Boreham Wood (blue) is playing Havant (white).  Boreham Wood is in danger of being relegated from their division, which would cause numerous financial problems for the club.

Havant kicks the ball out of play so an injured Boreham Wood player can be treated for an injury.  As is traditional, Boreham Wood uses the subsequent throw-in to kick the ball back to Havant’s keeper.  The player kicking the ball puts a bit much energy into it and accidentally scores a goal, bringing Boreham Wood level and giving them a vital point in the league.  There are only nine minutes left to play – Boreham Wood could be forgiven for being quite excited about this unexpected turn of events.

Rather than hold onto the draw, Boreham Wood’s players quickly discuss the situation and allow a Havant player to dribble the ball down the pitch and score an open goal to restore the Havant win.  A win for Havant and a win for sportsmanship, regardless of the risk or sacrifice.

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  1. Kit February 7, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    Unheard of and amazing!