Is Fidel Castro a Hero?

castro.jpgThe conversation about Fidel Castro has had a resurgence recently as he’s stepped down from power in Cuba. The politicians in this country have been united in their damnation of him and hope for the future of Cuba. However, there are some voices around the world expressing their admiration of him and some are using the word hero.

Nazma Muller in the Trinidad & Tobago Express explicitly calls him a personal hero, using health care and education as evidence.

Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in England, calls him a hero of the left in The Independent. She is put straight at The Spectator by James Forsyth. He lists a number of clear reasons that calling Castro a hero is ignorant at best.

  • Political organization is illegal
  • The internet is not allowed in personal homes
  • Journalists are regularly imprisoned
  • Independent libraries are subject to raids and their librarians to prison

He may have increased the lifespan of Cubans, but freedom of choice, thought, and expression are not options for heroic leaders.


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