John Terry

I was trying to think of words to describe John Terry for the subject, but failed. After missing a penalty kick that would have won the Champions League for Chelsea, John Terry cried for a long time. Most people would feel inclined to feel sorry for the man. I’ve seen too much of him to feel anything but satisfaction. I don’t know anything about his personality off the pitch, but when this man is playing football he lacks character. He’s a poor role model for kids watching the game and that strikes deep for me.

Watch the start of the video below to see him spit on Carlos Tevez while concealing it from the referee. He pretends to be wiping his mouth with his sleeve. This is part of a pattern of behaviour that makes me hope that he is not made England captain. The captain of the national side needs to show character. Appointing John Terry would send the wrong message.

After a thousand people have read this post in a day, I figure I should point out an article I wrote on Chelsea during the Champions League semi-finals.  Something is rotten in Chelsea.

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