Lesson Plan: Creating a Culture of Heroism in Your School

The word “hero” is used many different ways. However, all the real-life people we call heroes have one thing in common: they make a sacrifice or take a risk for the sake of others. This makes heroism different from other sorts of moral behavior, like donating to a charity or volunteering for a good cause.

Volunteers and donors do good work, but in most cases they don’t have to make a deep sacrifice or take a risk.

This lesson plan has three objectives:

  1. Help students understand that a hero makes a sacrifice for others
  2. Identify examples of this kind of heroism that students are familiar with (their heroes)
  3. Help students understand how someone becomes a hero, and what it takes to do the heroic
    thing in a difficult situation

Created by Hero Construction Company board members, Andre Solo and Ari Kohen, PhD, this lesson plan is yours to use. Download here.

We’d love any feedback from your experiences using the lesson with your students.

One Response to Lesson Plan: Creating a Culture of Heroism in Your School

  1. nate November 10, 2016 at 6:41 pm #

    hero can be used in more ways than one. Even for simple things like picking up something for somebody. That could mean the world to the kid.