Lessons From A Thunderstorm

Last night when I got home I gave thought to whether I should close my sunroof.  It had been sunny all day and I had reason to believe it was going to be sunny today.  My decision was to leave it open so I could give the car some air.  I woke up this morning to frequent thunder and torrential rain.

We often make decisions based on what we think the odds are rather than what the the potential outcomes are.  Sometimes this way of thinking tells us not to bother with something that could have a great effect.

  • Don’t bother giving that compliment because it’s not going to mean anything in the big picture.
  • Don’t bother trying to get your idea heard because it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to listen.
  • Don’t bother doing the right thing when no-one’s watching, because no-one going to judge.

Not bothering is not getting the point.  It’s the little things that add up to make us who we are.  It’s the “Little Way” that leads to every day heroism.  So next time you catch yourself consciously making a decision, ask if you’re playing the odds or whether you’re making the right decision based on what the outcomes could be.

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