Little People

George Brymer has a post called “Live With Integrity: The World Is Watching“.  He quotes Benjamin Franklin: “a little man may do a great deal of harm; and pray, why not a little man do a great deal of good?”  I instantly recognized the sentiment as being akin to St. Therese‘s “Little Way”.  People notice when you do all the little things right.  People who do all the little things right are often regarded as heroes and they’re often the people who throw themselves onto subway tracks to save someone’s life.

I went to school with a girl named Jodie Harkness.  She wasn’t one of the princesses and wasn’t “one of the boys”.  She was Jodie.  She did all the little things right.  She didn’t call you a friend one day and an enemy the next, she didn’t call people names behind their backs.  In short, she didn’t do what a lot of people do in high school.  She was Jodie.  She knew all of the cool music before it was cool.  She would talk to you like you were a real person, not someone with numerous stigmas hanging over your head.  Of course, I was in high school and barely noticed any of that.  I was killing myself trying to get noticed by the princesses.

After high school she did a big thing.  She left the country.  From what I understand she didn’t have much money or much of a plan, but she went to London.  She’s still there, 15 years later.  That big thing made her my hero instantly and made me consider all of the little things she did before that big thing.  Fifteen years later and she’s the only person from high school that I still talk to.

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