Looking Back at 2010

Janus was/is the god of doorways.  He represents change – moving from one place to the next.  He also has two heads – one looking forward and one looking back.  This way he can be looking forward and planning by using what he’s learned from the looking back at the past.  For this reason, he had the first month of the year named after him.  Also for this reason, he has my business named after him – The Janus Center.  It is in this spirit that I do “looking backward and forward” style posts each year as Janus’ month approaches.

I just noticed that I didn’t do a “look back” post last year – presumably because I was enjoying family and sun in Australia.

Looking Back

  • Presented to approximately 6,000 kids in over 240 classes.
  • Presented to groups outside of schools, including Michigan Volunteer Association, Grand Valley State Cheerleaders, Crossroads For Youth Staff Training.
  • Donated much of the proceeds (with complete support from my family) to fund a well for a community without access to fresh water.  This will provide 25 years of fresh water – done through Charity:Water.  Numerous supporters of the HCC helped in donating as well.
  • Added 280 heroes in 28 days to the Gallery of Heroes – much help from the HCC fans again there.
  • Launched The Hero Handbook with the goal of producing a book detailing my theories for a heroic life.
  • Moved the Gallery of Heroes to its own site – the transfer is incomplete at this stage.
  • Visited San Francisco to consult on the Heroic Imagination Project with Phil Zimbardo and get his input into the HCC programs.
  • Helped run a Pink Shirt Day at Mt. Morris Junior High with great participation from the students.

Looking Forward

  • Count the actual number of students I present to – not hard.  I’m aiming to increase the number to 7,500 kids this year as well as find more adult groups.
  • Complete the transition of the Gallery of Heroes and get the total up to 750.  Part of this increase will be from a hero’s journey writing competition for middle schoolers.
  • Build a new website for HCC combing the current site with a blog – retiring this site in the process.
  • Add a fourth base program to my arsenal allowing for a school district to present the progressive heroic lessons to their kids four years in a row from 5th to 8th.

I am 100% sure some new adventure will pop up during the year.  I’m just as certain I’ll have a dozen ideas for things to do as well.  However, knowing myself, I am leaving these simple, yet challenging, goals to be held accountable for.

Thank you for reading during this year.  I truly appreciate it.

One Response to Looking Back at 2010

  1. Kit January 11, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    It has been wonderful watching the progress you have been making over the last 4 and 1/2 years (I think that’s correct), you are making a big difference with the kids you are working with. Keep it going!