Meeting Zeno Franco and Phil Zimbardo

I finally got to meet up with Phil Zimbardo and Zeno Franco (and briefly Dennis Pamlin) in San Francisco on Thursday. We had a great conversation about heroism at Phil’s house after I dodged the tourists clamouring around Lombard Street.

There was a great deal of discussion on global heroes before I got there. These are the people in power who need to take risks (mostly professional) to move the governments and populations of the world towards environmental responsibility.

After Dennis left we talked about the Hero Workshop and everyday heroism. Zeno and Phil are both keen for my programs to become a curriculum, as am I. They’ve pledged support in any way they can which is great news for my energy levels and the program.

I’ll be writing much more about specific points of the conversation this week.

2 Responses to Meeting Zeno Franco and Phil Zimbardo

  1. Zeno Franco October 20, 2007 at 1:00 pm #


    It was a real pleasure to finally meet you in person, and if I can speak for Phil, we are both really excited about the curriculum you are putting together and hope to see it expanded. I think this could easily become a national model for educators on a profoundly important topic. While we are working with several partners at different levels on this project, Phil and I both believe that fostering the heroic imagination in young people one of the most important avenues to keeping the heroic spirit alive in the 21st Century. It is easy for us to forget what true heroism is, and if we do, then we stop teaching those ideas and ideals to children.

    We are looking forward to seeing your curriculum evolve, and consider your work an integral part of what we are doing.

    Thanks again for making the trek out to see us.

    Best wishes,


  2. Erik October 20, 2007 at 2:48 pm #

    Sounds like things are going great for the Hero Workshop! I have had so much fun watching your program grow and I can not wait to see where it takes you.