Nobility in Heroism

knight.jpgWhen I was in San Francisco with Phil and Zeno we briefly talked about nobility as it relates to heroism. The idea was that heroism is courage with a noble purpose. We felt the word lent itself to the privileged olden days though and sort of discarded it.

I saw a post on Michael Wade’s fantastic Execupundit blog today that brought those memories back. He notes that nobility is old-fashioned and uncool – just like we did. Have a look at his list of what it is to be noble and then think about which of them apply to the heroes you know.

  • A willingness to help those who are needy.
  • Gentleness without weakness.
  • Honest.
  • Dedication to doing the right thing even if it hurts.
  • A more than normal amount of courtesy and kindness.
  • Never rushing to blame others.
  • Intellectual curiosity.
  • Impatience with injustice.
  • A love of freedom and independence.
  • Disdain for cheap and shabby behavior.
  • Courage, both physical and moral.
  • A pleasant nature.
  • The ability to survive setbacks without becoming bitter.
  • Confidence mixed with humility.

I think you’ll find a lot of those traits in the heroes you look up to. I think you’ll also find them in the heroes-in-waiting you know and perhaps in yourself if you’re practicing the heroic habit.

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