Paul Kelly Is Not Humble

I was watching an interview with Paul Kelly last night and he was described as humble to which he instantly replied, “I’m not humble, I’m quiet.”

What is humility?  Is it a behaviour or a state of mind?  I think it’s both and that’s what came out in the exchange between Paul Kelly and the interviewer.  The interviewer was commenting on Paul’s meekness and modesty that are apparent in his behaviour whenever he is seen in the public eye.  Paul’s response had more to do with the interpretation that humility has to do with spirit or pride – sometimes arrogance – in the mind.  He is clearly a proud man and driven by excellence so his response was that he is simply quiet, which I believe was exactly what the interviewer was saying.

This first type of humility is the type possessed by heroes.  The more I write about heroes the more I see it as a requirement.   People who proclaim their greatness or even their deservedness of acclaim simply miss the point.  Heroes must be appointed by others and humility is the first step to being recognised.

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