Practice Makes Perfect

At the end of the 1900s St. Therese wrote about her “little way”. This theory was that people could get close to god through performing little acts every day, rather than large displays of devotion or performing miracles. This kind of habit creates a mindset that allows for normal people to act heroically when the big events occur.

At the start of January, Wesley Autrey jumped onto a subway track to help a young man who was having a seizure. He wasn’t able to get him up from the tracks in time to avoid the oncoming train, so he lay him down between the tracks and lay on top of him while the train passed over them both. His two daughters were on the platform. In subsequent interviews, it turns out that Wesley Autrey was not a one-off hero. He was the kind of person who did good things every day.

The college basketball players from the last couple of weeks don’t sit around during the off season knowing they’ll be great on the night. They know that they must practice what it is they want to be ready for when the time comes. When they need to make a free throw to win a game, they are thankful for all the practice.

So, consider beginning a personal habit of heroism. By practicing every day, you will make yourself more ready for the crucial moment when other people will be hoping for your heroism.

3 Responses to Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Lindsey Halcrow April 6, 2007 at 2:27 am #

    Speaking of practice…how did your free hero’s workshop go?

  2. Kit April 16, 2007 at 11:34 am #

    “Perfect Practice makes Perfect ” – Vince Lombardi whilst coaching as an assistant at West Pointe – not necessarily relevant as the mere practice of habitual heroism is a great thing, but I like the quote 🙂


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