Princess Diana – 10 Years Gone

I was woken up by a phone call from my mother in Australia and told to turn the TV on ten years ago Diana had been in a car crash in Paris and was badly hurt. The rest is history. The news spread around camp quickly and people reacted in many different ways. The pattern was repeated around the world.

This woman was more than just a princess. She was more than just a spoiled little girl living out a dream. She was an inspiration to millions. And she actively changed the lives of many. Tomorrow as the tenth anniversary of her death arrives many people will think about the effect she had on their lives.

One woman realised that she needed to help others and “have compassion and truly care about those in need.”

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of the National AIDS Trust, knows that her cause has suffered without Diana. She said, “Just by holding the hand of a person living with AIDS Diana changed the opinions of millions and broke down stigma and misconceptions around the world.”

A hero can often be judged by the way they inspire us after they’re gone.  What are you memories of Diana?

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