Quotes From CNN Heroes Telecast

I’ve been moved to tears tonight while watching CNN’s Heroes Tribute.  I’m not often moved to tears.  This show has been a testament to the idea that heroes are born through doing little good things every day.  You need to choose to do something.  Something good.  And do it every day.

Here are some quotes from the show.

Viola Vaughn: “I thank them for learning.” “I want to thank CNN for letting us all know that we can be a hero.”

Maria Ruiz: “I don’t consider myself a hero.”

Maria de Silva “You don’t have to be Bill Gates to give.”

Tad Agoglia: “May we all find the hero inside us by reaching out to others so that we may find ourselves the one being helped.”

Carolyn LeCroy – “Perhaps my efforts will inspire one other.”

Anne Mahlum: “It makes me wonder where we went wrong when treating others with respect, caring, and kindness is considered heroic.”


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