Sean Lennon and Star Wars

Sean Lennon talks about the effect Star Wars had on him as a child and why he considers it one of the best films ever in another article from  He says the films spoke to him directly and helped him in his life through example.  Luke Skywalker’s loss of a father mirrored Sean’s and he took inspiration from Luke in his growth into a man.

Star Wars is more than a series of films to me, it is the mythology of a generation. It is the Iliad, The Odyssey, The Bible, Hamlet, Ulysses, and all the other hero myths the world has ever produced. Joseph Campbell says it best in his book and interview series with Bill Moyers — The Power of Myth — that the Star Wars story is a timeless hero’s journey that has been told and reinterpreted by countless generations in order to communicate important ideas about what it takes to be a human being.”

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