Seth Godin dips into Ann Arbor

talented-medicocrity-small.jpgI went to Ann Arbor to see Seth Godin speak today. He was a joy to listen to and the hour and a half went by very quickly. He’s promoting his new book, The Dip, which he’s cleverly selling as being about quitting, when its actually about being the best. The best in the world. Writing about quitting is much more controversial than writing about being the best and is creating lots of conversation – propelling the book up the charts.

I was pleased to see the words, BEAT MEDIOCRITY, on the top of the schedule today. The picture at the top right, courtesy of Hugh McLeod, is currently my computer’s background. I can’t understand how often mediocrity is tolerated in business and it seemed to be everywhere I went, so I formed the Janus Center.  Any mediocrity I encounter here will be my own fault.  The Hero Workshop is the first fruit of that passion and so far so good.

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