Shane Warne Retires

warne.jpgIt seems to be the season for great Australian sportsmen to retire.  Shane Warne is rated as one of the top 5 cricketers of all time and he will play his last match in Sydney at the New Year’s test match.  This is appropriate for the hero’s journey as this is the ground he began his test career on.  Warne has helped Australia become the most dominant force the game has ever seen.  The team is so far above the skill of the rest of the world that some pundits have been complaining tht it is bad for cricket.  Maybe now some of the other teams can catch up.  The tributes have been coming fast and furious since he announced the retirement.

Warne has certainly had many challenges over his journey and has usually succeeded when they were to do with cricket.  Unfortunately, his place as a hero is in doubt due to his inability to keep away from sex, alcohol, cigarettes, and other controversy.  His level of achievement may get him into the hero club, but as with Carmelo Anthony, Warne had choices in his personal life that could have confirmed him as a hero to the millions of people watching him.  He failed.

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  1. anil December 28, 2006 at 9:41 am #

    shane warne is a great player