Simple Wisdom

Phil Zimbardo just sent me a link to this article by Pat Lencioni of The Simple Wisdom Project.  It was a 4th of July post discussing the hero of today.  The mission of The Simple Wisdom Project is simply to provide common sense reminders to readers who live in a world where the most important truths are often over-complicated, forgotten or abandoned.

His conclusion is very much in line with that of the Hero Workshop and the Heroic Imagination Project:

Of course, ideally we could all come to the realization that the world needs more heroes and that it’s time to develop a stronger collective backbone. But that doesn’t happen overnight. In the mean time, maybe we could do something a little more realistic: the next time we witness someone taking a difficult stand for what is right, whether it is in the workplace, at school, in your church or little league, let’s take the time to tell them that we admire them for what they did. And better yet, let’s tell them that we wish we could be more like them, and that they’ve inspired us to try. Not only will that reinforce their heroic behavior, it will also increase the likelihood that the next time we are faced with a moment of truth, no matter how small it may seem, we choose to be a hero, too.

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