Small Actions From Brown Elementary

The students at Brown Elementary in Byron Center, Michigan sent me letters this week letting me know what they learned and what they’ve already been doing to live heroically since I saw them in September.  Here are some of my favourites.  I wish they could talk to school leaders around the state – it would make my sales efforts easier.

Olivia said, “I plan to change the world.”

Ella said, “At first I thought I had to do something popular, but then I learned you can be a hero by doing good little things every day.”

Aaron said, “I am going to hang out with kids who are being bullied.”

Luke said, “I saw someone lonely on the playground with nothing to do and I let them join a game with me and my friends and the became happy.”

Alexis said, “You taught me that heroes do things without being told.”

Jared said, “I learned that if you make a difference everybody else will see it and they will want to make a difference too.”

Connor said, “You really inspired me to stop people who are being a bully.”

Hannah said, “P.S. I love the pin!”

Keagan said, “P.S. It was really fun.”

Also a number of the kids liked my voice and one explained that he was studying polygons in class.  I love kids.

One Response to Small Actions From Brown Elementary

  1. Melissa and Doug Dollhouse October 7, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    Kids are great! I teach a 4th-6th grade science class to homeschoolers once a week and the things the come up with are so funny! They have wonderful insights adults totally miss out on. I think that is what I enjoy the most.