Split Second Decisions

monsoor.jpgOften heroism comes down to reactions that are more instinct than thought. This lets you know that the reason for acting a certain way is written inside you. It is much easier to make the correct decision when you have time to think about it.

Michael A. Monsoor had a split second decision to make a couple of weeks ago. He was in a sniper hideout with three other Navy SEALs in Iraq when a grenade was thrown into the room. It hit him in the chest and bounced onto the floor. Without thinking, he jumped down on top of it, ensuring death for himself, but life for the other three. That’s the kind of heroism you just can’t test for.

Rest in peace and in the knowledge that you are a hero, Michael Monsoor.

3 Responses to Split Second Decisions

  1. bishop gregory mansour April 24, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    as a bishop, an american, and with the same last name as michael, i would like to be able to offer condolances to michael’s parents…

    + gregory mansour


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