Striving to Do Your Best

George Brymer uses Jack Hayhow’s post to share a story about Kissinger’s indirect way of getting one of his aides to produce his very best work. It’s sad that he wasn’t able to simply ask for the aide’s best, but for a lot of people in this world, good enough is usually far from their best and thus, what they typically produce. People frequently perform to expectations that are set low. Sometimes there’s a risk of negative reactions from others when people exceed those expectations.

Heroes exceed expectations. They don’t allow society’s low expectations to hold them back. When everyone else thinks ignoring the bullying happening in front of them is good enough, the hero steps past the line of onlookers and offers help. When students know they can receive an “A” in their class by just turning up, the hero works hard anyway.

Look around you for the places where good enough is a lower standard than it could be. Where are you not doing your best because you don’t have to? And where are you ignoring the “good enough” levels and striving to do your best?

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