Superbowl Letdown

01belichick.jpgAdmittedly I was let down by the result. I wanted the Pats to win. Now I’m regretting supporting them throughout “spygate”.

The regret and feeling of being let down comes from the decision for Bill Belichick and his offence to walk off the field before the game was technically over. There was a second left on the clock – something everyone could see – but Belichick chose to create confusion rather than allow the Giants to enjoy the spoils of victory. And he left his defence to play out the “kneel” without their coach watching. He had left, perhaps telling his team they weren’t good enough. Perhaps that he was ashamed of them.

Arrogance, petulance, and bad sportsmanship are not attributes we want in people with a billion person audience. Or maybe every story needs a villain to show us what to avoid. Hopefully this behaviour was noticed and noted by people everywhere. It’s hard to say though because I couldn’t find anything about this morning online.

If you see an article about the early walk-off please let me know in the comments.

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One Response to Superbowl Letdown

  1. Kit February 4, 2008 at 1:11 pm #

    Having casually supported the Patriots since the age of 10 (being from England and them having the word in England their team name was enough for me!)I was disgusted at Belichick’s display. There are no excuses for poor sportsmanship. The NFL needs to keep a much tighter leash on this kind of behavior,as the players and coaches are all role models, but I am sure nothing will be done….