2 Responses to TEDxMarinette Talk – Why Antibullying Approaches Need to be Scrapped

  1. Carol Little October 21, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    I love that someone else has begun this concept! I have been doing this in our school for four years and it works! After seeing the Broadway musical “Wicked” I have developed a program in our school called “Be an Upstander!” An Upstander stands up with the victim of a bullying situation and walks them away from the scene. They do not stand up to the one who is doing the hitting or name calling. They do go to a teacher or principal after they have cleared the area, but they do nothing nor say anything to the bully. This gives way to more people who are intimated by the standing up to someone who is being mean. More people can identify and will help the person being wronged. When the student, in our school, takes the victim away from the “bully” they are considered an “Upstander”. We do different things each year to recognize our Upstanders and this year we have a Upstander Graffiti wall where the Upstanders get their names written on the wall for the entire school to see they stood up for another student who was being wronged. This has caused a dominoe effect of the entire student body wanting their names on the wall, being recognized in the paper and teachers talking about the Upstanders while no one hears about the bully or what punishment they got. Our statistics of bullying has gone down drastically and we have very little reported. We have had to expand what an Upstander is which includes doing good deeds for others just so everyone can get a chance to be one.
    I think what you have said and are doing is right in line with what we are doing and I totally agree! Anti-bullying campaigns do not work and labeling people bullies not only hurts that individual but the entire community and school.
    We have learned first-hand what a positive “Upstander” program can do for a school and community.
    Thank you very much for confirming to us how a positive outlook works much better than a negative one.

    Carol Little, MSE
    Weiner Elementary School Counselor

    • matt October 22, 2013 at 10:08 am #

      Thanks Carol – that sounds like a brilliant initiative. Congratulations on the success.