The Female Hero’s Journey

I am back from Europe, ready to get back to more regular posting. I have over 2000 blog posts in my feed reader to catch up on too, but I went to my favourites first. I was very happy to see something I’ve been secretly hoping for on Dare To Dream for a while now – Psyche’s hero’s journey.

Whitney Johnson has the first two parts up now as she explores the definitive hero’s journey for women and girls. This is an important study, so I’m looking forward to it in its whole.

The part the struck me from the first installation was the line, “If someone discourages the pursuit of our dream, what could be their agenda? Does it have anything to do with you? Or is it about them?”  I’ve done my best to ask myself this question for the last few years as it has a lot of power.  When you take risks you often expose self doubt in others and that frequently manifests itself negatively.  Those negative words, little cutting remarks, or raised eyebrows can really drop your energy in an instant.  Reminding yourself of the source though can truly keep your mind on your dream.  Thanks for reminding us of that Whitney, and thanks for Psyche’s journey.

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  1. Whitney Johnson July 31, 2007 at 6:20 pm #

    Matt – –

    Thank you for the nod.

    Analyzing Psyche’s journey in-depth has been really difficult to do, provoking a great deal of introspection.

    My best,