The Hero’s Journey in The Matrix

Christopher Vogler, the author of The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers, explains the hero’s journey with scenes from The Matrix. Vogler put Joseph Cambell’s hero’s journey into perspective for screenwriters and his book has been used for dozens of movies.

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    Glad to see you post on this movie, its a classic,

    Thought I would add something here, and its very much in context and also very timely. We just published a hour long podcast on the hero’s journey with Paul Rebillot. Thought this would be something your readers and you would enjoy. The link is at

    What is covered in this talk?
    We are continuing our conversations with Paul Rebillot on the topic of the Healing Theatre – the combination of acting and drama, mythology, gestalt therapy, and rituals. For more information about Paul and his work, please visit his website – Direct Impact Creativity.

    In this segment, Paul describes the cornerstone of his work – the Hero’s Journey.

    * The story of Cú Chulainn – the Hound of Culain
    * The rite of passage
    o The “mini-schizophrenic episode”
    * The call to adventure
    o First level of resistance: The world, people around you
    o Help from a peer, a friend
    o Moving into the non-linear, circular path
    o The daemon of resistance
    o Magical help, magical object
    o Hero and Hera
    * The Threshold – the Daemon of Resistence
    o The personal, inner level of resistence
    * The Land of Miracles
    o More tests on the way
    o The Supreme Ordeal
    o Place of the reward
    * Return to the real world
    o Hero cannot stay in the land of miracles – has to come back
    o Cannot take your gift back; you can only take the awareness or knowledge of the gift.
    o Leave the magical powers behind, and takes the knowledge.
    * Alignment of the three centers
    o Body (movement), Heart (feelings), Head (symbol, word)
    * Interpretation of Myth
    o Myth as a symbol for the mind; the mind finds the meaning in symbol that resonates with the heart and the body
    * On Oriental traditions
    o Becoming conscious of one’s gift – often comes from the spirit guide
    o On spirituality
    * Origins of the Hero’s Journey process
    o A “mini-schizophrenic episode” for doctors and nurses in a mental hospital
    * Separation from the archetype – returning home

    I sure hope you enjoy and learn from this talk as do your readers, we would love to hear your thoughts on it and all feedback would be welcome