The Hero’s Journey: Part 5

The Master of Two Worlds

After the Path of Trials has been completed, the hero heads back to the Mundane World a changed person. The world has stayed the same, but the hero is changed forever. The Mundane World becomes a better place because it has the hero in it. The journey has made the hero the Master of Two Worlds – the Mundane and the Heroic.

When Harry Potter, Frodo, and Luke Skywalker return from their journeys they are better people and affect the Muggle World, Shire, and Rebellion in a positive way. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison he made profound changes to the world of South Africa. Lance Armstrong came back to the Mundane World after his battle with cancer and became an inspiration to millions of people as well as forming a foundation to help the world.

The middle school student survives sixth grade and all the other journeys/grades, coming out of school an adult prepared to contribute to the world. The college student finishes his degree/journey and re-enters the Mundane World with a mission to spread his message of positivity through teaching. The teacher returns from his journey as a positive influence on hundreds of students before he retires. The entrepreneur’s business is a success – his return provides happiness in his family life and the beginning of another journey as a public speaker spreading word of the delights of working for yourself.

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