The Minnesota Bridge

When that bridge on I-35 in Minnesota collapsed last week it forced many people to make decisions. Unfortunately some people didn’t get the time or opportunity for decisions, but many did and the outcomes of those decisions speak loudly about their characters.

Daniel Muna left his apartment where he was watching TV to help people get away from the bridge. He did it because, “someday it could be me,” not because he was a hero.

Jeremy Hernandez helped more than 50 kids get off a school bus before he got off himself despite saying, “I didn’t want to die. I wanted to get off that bus.”

Nicole Kopari and Missy Wayne were eating dinner when they were told to turn the TV on. When they saw what had happened they put on their running shoes and decided to run to the bridge to help – they were medical students.

When events call for heroes, heroes step out from the crowd. What kind of people are these heroes in their day to day life? I bet they’re the ones who do the little things every day that make them stand out to their friends.

These heroes were found in an article posted by The York Daily Record.

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