The Team Hero

Nick Malik has a post about heroes that work in teams, rather than by themselves.  His blog is about computer programming, but his post is general enough for everyone.  From his post:

A “team hero” is a team member who offers up honest answers when asked, who praises team mates in public, and offers constructive feedback in private.  They get their work done efficiently so that they can help other team mates in need.  If a team member is not doing well, for whatever reason, they help rally the strength of the team to assist that team member over their hump.

Having a hero on your team is invaluable.  Being a hero on your team is rewarding beyond belief.  I was on a team last summer that was almost entirely populated by heroes and it showed every day.  If you’re part of a team (and I can’t imagine you aren’t) what are you doing to be a hero to that team?

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