What Makes a Hero on “Survivor”?

I have regularly been amused and entertained by Survivor for the last couple of seasons.  They have managed to get some great characters without resorting to essentially horrible people and Jeff Probst has absolutely developed into an amazing host.  So “Heroes vs Villains” had a double attraction to me – an entertaining show with the word “hero” in the title.

So, what is a hero for the producers of Survivor?  And what is a villain?

In the first challenge the Villains managed to (in order) yell “break her shoulder”, dislocate an opponent’s shoulder, tear off an opponent’s bra, and break an opponent’s toe in two places.  This was no more than an hour after landing on the island.  Good start.

Cut to life at the respective camps.  The heroes immediately consider each other, discuss options, and work together.  They get what they need done and relax.  “It’s good to be a hero,” says Rupert

The Villains aren’t interested in helping.  Each of them considers their own future by making sure they’re not expending energy.  They sit around watching everyone else.  This all comes to a head when Boston Rob is told not to bother trying to light fire – key to having drinking water.  Thankfully for his tribe, Rob is no Villain.  He lights the fire anyway.

So, true to form, the Heroes are those choosing to do little good things for others, while the Villains are those focused purely on themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the Heroes will do some less than heroic things, but the contrast was clear.

I’ll finish with Jeff Probst from an article from Success Magazine.  “I believe Joseph Campbell knew what he was talking about. If you’re ready, then get on the bus and leave. If you’re not, then enjoy where you are and find a new adventure. Maybe your adventure is a different one today. But whatever it is that you’re ready for—whether it is to kiss the girl or go for the brass ring in your professional life—you’re not going to get there until on some level you’re ready for it.”

The article is well worth a read.  Check out Probst’s efforts to help at risk youth find their adventures.

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2 Responses to What Makes a Hero on “Survivor”?

  1. Whitney Johnson February 12, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    Enjoyed this post. Love Campbell — new level of respect for Jeff Probst.

  2. Jamie the Great February 15, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    I shall have to start watching this now… Never was a big fan of survivor before.