What Makes Us Moral?

Time magazine has an article on what makes us do the things we do.  There is much talk on the role of our early lives in tribes on our modern behaviour.  For example, the need to protect those closest to us in a tribe explains why risk is accepted to help those we can see, but a small financial commitment to help someone on a different continent is rarely done.

The article suggests that we behave morally because our community teaches us what is right and wrong.  This is through direct teaching, but also using other methods such as “shunning”.  Again, using the tribal reference, being shunned from the group or tribe would generally mean death.  Thus shunning is important.

I wonder though, how shunning those who perform outside of the community’s expectations compares with the praising of those who hold up its ideals.  The aim of the Hero Workshop is to educate members of our community about the paragons of morality – heroes.  I believe punishing those who step outside the bounds of proper behaviour is a negative tactic that leads to more negativity.  Let’s share the exemplars, celebrate the role models, and learn from our heroes.

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